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100% Customizable

Customizable Cash On Delivery Form, you can configure additional sales with just 1 click, after the customer's purchase a sale of offer will be skipped thus increasing your sales.

Advantages of using ClickUpsell

Increase your store conversion rate and average order value with a 1-step checkout process combined with an incredible Upsell and Downsell sales funnel (After buying the customer skips an offer and if they reject it Could you give him another offer and thus improve your sales)

Fast Customer Payment

Accelerate your customers' payment with our 100% customizable One-Step Form with Cash on Delivery.

With 1 Click Upsell & Downsell

After the customer's purchase, he can give the customer an offer and if he rejects it, he can place another offer.

Follow-up Create your funnel

Create Quick Form of COD + Upsells to your liking with our platform, make your store the best.

Know the In-Depth Features

Increase your Sales

Upstream and downstream sales funnels

Get + orders from your customers with upsell directly after the customer's purchase .

  • Offer 1 Additional sale immediately after purchase.
  • If the client declines your offer, you can give him another additional offer thus increasing your possibility of sales.
  • Customize your Thank You Page to your liking.
Save time

Easy use COD form

Satisfy your customers by saving them time and effort With 1-step Form.

  • Cash on Delivery Form makes it easy for the customer to buy on a single page.
  • Add images, gif, videos to your Additional sale.
  • Change colors, font size Enter more on the Thank You Page.

Reports and Monitoring

Track your upsells with customizable date.

  • Facebook Pixel
  • Sales reports
  • Inner panel
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Discover a platform to increase income with ClickUpsell: Create quick form with additional sales in Cash on Delivery and accelerate your sales!

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